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Eybrow Waxing, Threading, Tinting - Just 3 of the complete 7-step HD Brows treatment



Loved by celebrities and beauty professionals, the High Definition Brows movement has revolutionised the way eyebrows are treated.

Combining a variety of traditional methods of hair removal and colouring techniques, alongside a detailed consultation and precise aftercare advice, every High Definition Brows treatment is absolutely exclusive to you.

By assessing face shape, skin tone and colouring; your stylist will create a bespoke brow to perfectly suit you and your personality.

Suitable for nearly all brow types, and for both men and women, the treatment is very affordable and highly successful. To book your consultation or to learn more, please contact us.

For more info about High Definition Brows you can visit the official High Definition Brows website.

High Definition® Tinting Policy Update

The manufacturer for the High Defnition tinting products has recently updated their guidelines of use for the High Definition Brow Dyes. These changes include avoiding use of the Brow Dyes on certain groups of people:

> Clients under 16 years of age
> Pregnant or breastfeeding clients

In effect from the 2nd May 2017, our tinting policy is that clients under the age of 16, and clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding will not be tinted as part of the High Definition brows treatment. All other parts of the High Definition Brows treatment can be completed; we are just advised to skip the tinting stage.

Please note: As with any treatment that involves tinting, a patch test is necessary just to make sure you won't have any adverse reactions to the eyebrow tint used in the High Definition Brows process. This tiny patch is applied 24-48 hours before the treatment. You can pop in and we can apply it in a matter of seconds. If you can't make it to the salon, this can be mailed to you in advance to save you a trip!

Our insurance insists that we patch test every client who is going to have the High Definition Brows treatment so we can't allow clients to waive the test. Sorry, but it's really in both our interests as I'm sure you'll agree!

HD Brows are now available at Just Beauty in Sittingbourne, Kent


“Thanks for my High Definition brows Naomi, they look amazing! Had them for almost three weeks and still getting complimented on them! The shape and colour are perfect and completely shape my face. You're the best; beautiful nails and stunning eyebrows - can't wait to try the next thing you have to offer!” - Tina O

“I'm so happy with my HD brows, I can't walk past a mirror without wanting to see them again and again. The difference is so clear, the process is painless and they compliment my face perfectly!.... Thanks Naomi, you are so good at this; friendly and professional as always.”
- Margaret A