Safety Info

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Safety in the salon

I am committed to ensuring that my salon and my clients are kept as safe as possible.

All treatments are performed by a trained and qualified technician/therapist and all procedures are explained in detail.

All products are of the highest quality, supplied by reputable companies and handled in accordance with their safety procedures.

Disposable couch covers are used for all brow and wax treatments.

No 'double-dipping' of disposable wooden waxing spatulas to ensure a hygienic treatment everytime.

Disposable gloves will be worn by the therapist for all intimate and other waxing treatments.

Single-use nail files and buffers are used for each client..

Our pedicure foot baths are fitted with disposable liners to ensure the safety and peace-of-mind of our clients. For more info please see our blog post about hygiene in the salon.

Implements are kept clean with the appropriate cleaning solvents and antibacterial solutions.

The salon is fitted with fire extinguisher and first-aid kit..


I am insured for public liability and have a policy that is designed specifically for salon personnel.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me.