Manicures, Pedicures and Nail Enhancements

February 20, 2012

Hygiene in the Salon

Fish Tanks or Foot Spas – How many funky feet have been in there before yours? How special would you feel if every time you came […]
December 8, 2011

Nail Files – Not too rough now!

Aftercare for Nails part 5 Don’t use Nail Files that are too rough! If you do your own manicures or in the event a nail starts […]
September 17, 2011

Moisturise your Hands and Nails

Aftercare for Nails part 4 Indulgent Hand Cream The seasons can be harsh on skin, hair and even our nails. In the winter, skin becomes dry […]
September 12, 2011

Caring for your Acrylic Nails

Aftercare for Nails part 3 Caring for your Acrylic Nails Acrylic Nails are a popular and proven enhancement that can make your nails look fabulous. However, […]
September 9, 2011

The Daily Use of Cuticle Oil

Aftercare for Nails part 2 The Daily Use of Cuticle Oil This is a fundamental step of your nail care regimen and an indispensable part of […]
September 4, 2011

Aftercare for Nails, Hands and Feet

This is the first post in a series that will outline some of the things you can do to keep your nail enhancements looking great for […]
September 3, 2011

Causes and Care of Brittle Nails

Causes, Care and Treatment of Brittle Nails Brittle and weak nails can be a real problem with many men and women. One of the main causes […]
August 19, 2011

Men and Manicures

A big thank you to guest blogger John Watson (The Inked Writer) for this post. Enjoy! If you hang out with the lads supping beer down […]
July 27, 2011

Shellac featured in Money Saving Experiment

The Brits aren’t the only ones who know how to nab a good deal. Everyone’s looking for ways to save money these days – even at […]