“Happy feelings will attract more happy circumstances”

About Me & The Salon

(and of course the amazing clients that make it possible!)

Naomi and Justin

At Naomi Hobbs we do one thing and one thing only, and that’s waxing.
We are experts at our craft; perfecting our treatments to ensure high-end service using the best products available with the goal of giving you the ultimate waxing experience.

After a decade of experience in the beauty industry, Naomi went on to do a waxing training course but it wasn’t exactly love at first sight. It would be a service that she wouldn’t offer until over a year had passed, when she decided to engage in a 'one to one' training course with the wax queen, Kim Lawless.
After the course was completed, Kim would give her the biggest complement, telling her that she was "born to wax".

Eager to increase her knowledge, Naomi has since taken additional courses with Lycon Wax in London, Waxperts and also Wax:One before waxing treatments became the mainstay of the Naomi Hobbs salon.

Naomi says: "As someone who has always been committed to waxing as a form of hair removal, I wanted to create a place that provided a high level of service in a hygienic, friendly, welcoming, relaxing and comfortable environment. So I decided to do what any woman with an entrepreneurial spirit would do and created that space not just for me but for every woman looking for the same."

Naomi goes into work with a love and passion for what she does. With the support of its loyal clients, Naomi Hobbs has gone from strength to strength and is well on the way towards the goals she has set for the salon and the brand.

The Naomi Hobbs brand operates on the principles of body-positivity and community.
As a business, community is very important to us. This why we support grassroots charities with the help of our amazing clients. We have moulded our brand and our community to embody something we and our clients can be happy to be a part of.