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Our most popular manicure and pedicure treatment is Shellac™.

Some call it "Shellac Nail Polish" but the fact that it's painted on your nails is where the similarity ends.

This revolutionary hypo-allergenic nail colour from CND goes on like nail polish, is dry in seconds and remains flawless for two weeks or more!

CND Shellac Sittingbourne Kent.

Your Shellac nails are not affected by normal daily wear so you can have them done days before that special event and still have fantastic looking nails on the day.

Unlike some other gel based products, Shellac is easy to remove in just minutes and its special formulation won't damage your natural nails.

Shellac looks great on natural nails and acrylic nails too.

I stock all the available Shellac colours and there are even more fantastic Shellac nail colours that I can produce by simply combining more than one of the standard Shellac shades.

With many beautiful colours to choose from including the new 'Effects', you're sure to find one you love for your nails!