Shellac VS Acrylics

CND ShellacIn the battle of the nail enhancements we have in the old corner…Acrylic Nails!
And in the (relatively) new corner…the amazing, the versatile…Shellac!

Ever since Shellac hit the salons and clients everywhere started trying it out, the demand for Acrylic Nails has been on the decline as Shellac became the preferred choice over ‘false nails’.

Shellac is usually applied to natural nails and offers a tough wearing, beautiful finish that can be artfully applied in various designs.

The top selling points to Shellac are it’s durability and speed of application. It’s designed to last for two weeks but it’s quite common for it to last longer. Of course if you have it on for longer than two weeks you will probably have noticeable growth. If the colour is close to a ‘natural’ shade (e.g. Cocoa Shellac) the growth will be less noticeable.

Shellac is also a safer product for Nail Technicians and clients due to the absence of harmful vapours produced by chemicals such as formaldehyde and toluene; both of which are present in many other nail coatings.

Shellac can be applied in 30 to 45 minutes and requires no ‘roughning’ or filing of the nail bed like other procedures require. Best of all; you can go rooting around in your handbag for keys and purse immediately afterwards without fear of smudging, chipping or scratching! Many clients have reported that after regular use it has actually strengthened their natural nails because of the protection Shellac offers.

Yes, Shellac costs more than a ‘regular manicure’ with nail polish and top coat but it is well worth the extra as it lasts easily over twice as long without chipping. Most important of all is that you don’t have the issues that can occur with Acrylic Nails as there is no damage to the natural nail and there’s no chance of lifting that can sometimes cause bacteria and fungus under Acrylic Nail enhancements.

Shellac is quickly easily removed in a salon using the procedures recommended by CND (Creative Nail Design – creator of the Shellac range). Remember, Shellac is a professional product which should be applied and removed by a CND qualified Nail Technician.

If you haven’t tried it, ask someone who has – they’ll soon convince you!

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