Tips for a great wax!


  • Waxing for beautiful silky soft skin.Allow your hair to grow for FOUR weeks before each of your first few appointments. By doing this you are more than likely to get your hair on the same growth cycle, allowing for optimal waxing results.
  • Stay on this schedule until your therapist advises you otherwise.
  • DO NOT shave, tweeze or use any hair removal creams between waxing appointments. This throws off your hair growth pattern, making it difficult to achieve the smooth skin you want.
  • Do not apply any body-lotion or body-oils on the day of your waxing appointment. Continue reading

Preparing for a great waxing experience

Waxing Salon in Sittingbourne KentPreparing for a great waxing experience (yes it can be a great/relaxing experience 🙂 )
Do your research- Make sure that your chosen salon has a great reputation for waxing with high standards of hygiene.
There should be no double dipping, no dirty wax pots, no dirty trolleys, no dirty floors and your waxing therapist should wear SINGLE-USE disposable gloves.
It is also important that on the day of your treatment that a client information/consent form is completed (this is very important for both client and waxing therapist alike). Continue reading

Waxing Hygiene

Waxing hygiene in a salon is very important ladies and gents!!!! You should walk away if your waxing therapist Double Dips* as it’s NOT safe or hygienic practice. Similarly, if you see dirty waxing pots or dirty surroundings; don’t go through with the treatment.

I remember going to my first waxing course – I was mortified when I saw the educator double-dipping* and wearing no gloves. Continue reading

Hygiene in the Salon

Fish Tanks or Foot Spas – How many funky feet have been in there before yours?

How special would you feel if every time you came to have a pedicure done, I unboxed a brand new foot spa, just for you?

Read on to find out about the FootsieBath™ system – it’s like using a new foot spa every time you have a pedicure!

Individually bagged nail files

My clients’ safety and comfort in the salon has always been a top priority for me and for that I need to maintain the highest standards of hygiene. I have always made sure that I can provide the best service in a safe and clean environment. That’s why I don’t use the same nail files and buffers for different clients. Each client has his/her own set of nail files in a resealable bag, labelled with their name. Clients even have separate sets for fingers and toes! (see image on the right)

To continue the hygiene and saftey standards I have set for the salon, I am proud to announce that Just Beauty will now be using the FootsieBath™ Foot Spa for ALL pedicures.

The FootsieBath™ was developed in Beverly Hills to meet the highest standards of hygiene. As hygiene became a growing concern in the spa and salon industry, Genya Vinokur (“Pedicurist to the Stars”) decided to develop a high quality, more sanitary foot spa solution and the FootsieBath™ concept was born.

Featuring a disposable (recyclable) liner and tray carrier system. FootsieBath™ has won multiple awards for its design and functionality, and continues to be a favorite among pedicurists worldwide. See the FootsieBath website here.

FootsieBath with recyclable liner

Nail Files – Not too rough now!

Aftercare for Nails part 5

Don’t use Nail Files that are too rough!

Nail FilesIf you do your own manicures or in the event a nail starts ‘catching’ in the threads of your clothes, you’ll need a decent nail file to shape and smooth the tips of your fingernails.

I’m not going to go into great depth about what files to use (you can read my previous blog post about nail files for that) but rather to advise you on the ‘grit’ or degree of roughness. The more grit (tiny sand-like particles) the finer the grit and the smoother the finish.

I recommend nothing lower than a 240 grit file – any lower would be far too rough for regular use and will tear and damage the nail surfaces.

Moisturise your Hands and Nails

Aftercare for Nails part 4

Indulgent Hand Cream

Use CND Hand and Body Lotions for your Nail EnhancementsThe seasons can be harsh on skin, hair and even our nails. In the winter, skin becomes dry and chapped and in the summer it’s in danger of overexposure to harmful UV rays.
Keep your hands moisturized by applying a recommended hand cream or lotion every day. Keep this in your handbag throughout the year especially during the scorching summer days and harsh cold winters.

Please note: If you have Acrylic Nail Enhancements, avoid hand creams (and tanning/sunblock products) that contain lanolin or mineral oil as these ingredients can damage acrylic nails and cause them to lift. Lifting can lead to fungus or bacterial growth. If you experience any problems, see your nail technician as soon as possible.
I recommend using one of CND’s excellent hand and body lotions which is specially formulated to be safe to use with nail enhancements.

Caring for your Acrylic Nails

Aftercare for Nails part 3

Caring for your Acrylic Nails

Caring for your Acrylic NailsAcrylic Nails are a popular and proven enhancement that can make your nails look fabulous. However, to keep them in good shape there are some important rules you should follow.

  1. Try not to knock your nails. Acrylic Nails can be damaged or torn off if knocked. It can also be painful!
  2.  Be gentle with your Acrylic Nails for the first 24-48 hours after they are applied. Although Liquid & Powder Acrylic Nails seem to dry in minutes and they seem ‘hard as nails’ (pardon the pun!), they are not very strong until the bonding process has been completed. Oxygen hinders the speed of this process so keeping oxygen out will help. The application of Solar Oil will help block oxygen from the tiny pores in the acrylic, speeding up the curing process.
  3. Don’t pull, cut or bite them off! You may be able to remove the nail enhancements but you will definitely damage your natural nail bed. It’s just not worth it. Get them removed properly by your nail techician.
  4. Don’t use moisturising, sunblock and tanning products that contain Lanolin or Mineral Oil. These will cause Acrylics to weaken and ‘lift’.
  5. If you have any signs of lifting or damage please see your nail technician as soon as possible. Water and bacteria can accumulate under lifted nails and the effects are not very nice.
  6. Get your infills or rebalance done regularly if you plan to keep your acrylic nails for longer periods.

The Daily Use of Cuticle Oil

Aftercare for Nails part 2

Solar OilThe Daily Use of Cuticle Oil

This is a fundamental step of your nail care regimen and an indispensable part of it. I cannot stress how much you can benefit from simply using cuticle oil daily.

Cuticle oil helps immensely to condition your nails, nail-bed and the surrounding skin and tissue.
Aside from conditioning your nails, the application of cuticle oil will also enhance their appearance.
So, if you want to pamper your nails, one of the simplest but most economical and effective treatments is applying cuticle oil on a daily basis.

Continue reading

Aftercare for Nails, Hands and Feet

Manicure & Pedicure SetThis is the first post in a series that will outline some of the things you can do to keep your nail enhancements looking great for as long as possible and generally advise you on making decisions about nail products and nail care. Acrylic Nails have their own Aftercare post so look out for that!

Indulgence for Your Nails

“Beautiful Hands are those that do Work” This old aphorism still holds its truth today but any kind of work can take its toll on the health and appearance of your hands and nails. Our hands and feet are precious and we need to look after them! They deserve regular care and occasional pampering.

Even some of us who do ‘have their nails done’ occasionally, don’t really pay much attention to aftercare! We may be religiously conditioning our hair on a daily basis but, do we look after our nails the same way?

The next few posts will help you care daily for your natural nails as well as the aftercare needed for Acrylic and other nail enhancements.

Causes and Care of Brittle Nails

Brittle NailsCauses, Care and Treatment of Brittle Nails

Brittle and weak nails can be a real problem with many men and women. One of the main causes of brittle nails is aging, but poor diet, illness and other factors may also cause this condition. Nails are built with keratin and protein and they protect the fingertips.

Brittle nails can be caused by a deficiency of iron, vitamins or other minerals lacking in the diet. For example, it is known that a low intake of Vitamin B makes nails fragile and brittle. Essential fatty acids will also contribute to healthy nails. Fatty Acids can be found fish oil, flax-seed and borage oil. Vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, and zinc are all necessary for proper health of nails and skin and the Vitamin D9 has properties to increase calcium absorption as well as the mineral calcium that prevents dry and brittle nails. Continue reading